Introducing the Scientifically Proven way to

Increase muscle in Only

28 Days
  • If you felt a little embarrassed the last time you had your
    shirt off in public…
  • If you've spent a lot of time in the gym, but your arms *still* won't get bigger…
  • Or if you managed to bulk up a little…but then got stuck…




What you eat is THE DECIDING FACTOR in
whether you achieve your fitness goals.


Oh, if you do enough lifting, you'll probably get a bit stronger. And if
you pound enough protein shakes, you might put on some weight.

But, you might just find that all your new muscle is hidden under a
layer of fat. Or that you're just eating the wrong foods to maintain
your new bulk.

And, really, the goal here isn't just to get stronger, right?

You want to *look* good. No more skinny biceps, soft abs, and unde-
fined pecs. You want a body that looks AND feels strong. (And stays
that way.)

You don't want to be the guy who makes people wince when he takes
his shirt off. You want to be the guy who looks great in the shirt —
and even better without it.


With the right diet, you can add up to

8 pounds of muscle in just

one month.

But you need to know what to eat, when to eat and how much to
And no generic, one-size-fits-all plan can tell you that.

If you have the right information, the right meal plan, a shopping
list, and the right support — all customized for YOUR body, YOUR
goals, and YOUR fitness level — you're well on your way to the
body of your

Because — no joke — it all starts with what what you eat.


My name is Richie Contartesi, and I've been studying
this stuff for years. I'm a personal trainer, lifelong ath-
lete and health nut. I played football at Ole Miss
University, which taught me a lot about how to get the
best from my body. I've been experimenting with diet
and exercise ever since, and I have perfected the for-
mula. I'm lean and fit, and I don't spend more time in
the gym (or the Kitchen) than anyone else.

Instead, I focus on the behaviors that have the greatest impact. And I know from my own experience — and from working with all kinds of clients — that changing your diet has a much greater impact than changing your workout.

In fact, I can show you how to add up to 8 pounds of muscle in ONE month
just by following a personalized meal plan.
Here's how it works.



Sign up for my 28-Day Muscle Builder Challenge. I'll provide you with a customized meal plan with a weekly shopping list based on YOU — your age, your body, your activity level, and your goals. Follow the plan and with determination and effort your body will change.

There's nothing more attractive than a fit, toned body. One that's

strong and lean and defined. Imagine seeing that body just one month from now — your biceps swelling, your chest taking on mass and definition, your abs hardening…

Some of you might even end up with a six-pack. Sounds incredible, right?

Sounds incredible, right? But, really, it's just science

The key is your caloric intake and the ratio of macronutrients in your diet — you need to be eating the right amount of calories. Your metabolism operates according to your nutritional intake — if you make the right changes to your diet, you'll make the right changes to your body.

Despite what a lot of people will tell you, there's no one right protein level or calorie count — those numbers are completely unique to you and your goals. If you borrow someone else's meal plan (or, if you follow a weight-loss plan while you're trying to build muscle),
you won't get the results you want.

That's what makes the 28-Day Muscle Builder Challenge unique − it's completely customized for you. I use the latest research and
formulas to calculate exactly the calories and nutritional balance you need to reach your goals.


All you have to do is follow the plan.

And the plan is easy to follow — I made sure of that.

You'll get 28 days worth of customized

meals – every meal and every snack is laid out
for you in a shopping list.

And don't worry. They're fast, simple meals made with basic, low-cost ingredients. You won't be slaving over a hot stove…or investing in a fancy blender…or driving across town to a pricey health food store.

Nope, this is a meal plan you can follow without disrupting your real life. Breakfast might be cereal, cottage cheese, and fruit. Try an English muffin and kiwi for a mid-morning snack, followed by a chicken & tomato wrap for lunch. Maybe a small turkey sandwich in the afternoon, and tuna salad for dinner.

Can't stand tuna? Don't worry – as long as you pay attention to the macronutrients., you can substitute something else. I'll show you how to do that without messing up your progress.

Ditto for special events. A dinner out isn't going to derail you, because you'll have your meal plan to guide you, so you won't have to worry about substitutions.

As you can see, this package is more than just a meal plan. It's knowledge you can use for the rest of your life.

And the rest of your life is the goal here. Anyone can bulk up temporarily – the trick is maintaining that physique over the long-term.

The Muscle Builder Challenge lasts a month – but it teaches you to bulk up the right way, so you maintain the muscle you gain.

  • You'll get a weekly meal plan, of course – 3 meals and 3 snacks per day
    – for four weeks.
  • I'll tell you exactly what supplements you need to get the best results.
  • You'll learn how many calories you personally need each day and how
    much protein, fat, and carbohydrates is right for you. Which means that
    after the Challenge is over, you'll know how to stay on track.
  • You'll get a weekly grocery list, so you can do your shopping in a flash.
    Learn how to buy exactly what you need -- no more wasting time and
    money on groceries you don't eat.
  • You'll get a workout split, designed to boost your results without increasing
    your hours in the gym.
  • Learn what to eat before and after exercising in order to maximize
    your workout.
  • And, you get UNLIMITED, FREE email consulting with me throughout the
    month. Any questions, concerns, or problems – just drop me a line and
    I'll get you sorted.

If you hired a nutritionist to do all this for you, you'd pay a couple thousand dollars – and that's just for one or two ses-
sions. A whole month of consultations would cost double that.

Fortunately, I won't charge you anywhere near that much. In fact, the FULL 28-Day Muscle Builder Challenge – the cus-
tomized meal plans, the grocery lists, the workout splits, and the email consulting--is yours for a one-time fee of $79.99.

I was doing this for FREE and getting such awesome results that I decided to dedicate myself to helping people full time, so
now I have to charge.

Steve S., Vermont

"I am really enjoying the variety of food that I am getting every week in your meal plans! I never thought there would come a day when I could say this, but I am finally putting on MUSCLE MASS. I am only working out 3 days in the gym, but I am getting the exact amount of food at the right time. I really appreciate the time that you take in tweaking the meal plan to suit me. I thank you for all of the help you have been in getting me closer to my goals in all areas of my health! I have achieved things that I never thought possible before."

Carly F. Idaho

"Thanks for your meal plans!. I never would have been able to run my 4-mile race as fast as I did without your help. Your custom diet helped me add all the muscle I wanted. Your tips really made the difference and helped me stay motivated. I was able to set a new record for myself."


Not a bad price for transforming your skinny body
into a muscled machine, right?

I told you earlier that you can add up to 8 pounds of muscle in just 28 days – that's two pounds per week throughout the Challenge. Eight pounds is a lot in one month—that's why I call this a Challenge. But it's a realistic goal for most people, as long as you follow the plan, have dedication and a great work ethic, you can succeed.

In fact, I'm so confident that you'll get results you like, that I'm backing the
Challenge with my 60-day 100% guarantee.

If you're not completely satisfied, just let me know and I'll refund your money
-- no risk, no hassles, no questions. That means you can take the ENTIRE
28-Day Challenge – and if you're not happy, I'll return your entire fee.

That's a pretty sweet deal, right?

But, for those of you who are ready TODAY to take
control and transform your body – I have an even
better offer.

For the first 100 people who respond, I'll slice the
price in HALF. That's right – you'll get the ENTIRE
28-Day Muscle Builder Challenge – including the cus-
tomized meal plans and personal e-mail consultation

with me – for just $39.99.

As soon as you complete your order, I'll email you a link to your personal assessment form. I'll collect some information about you and your goals, and then start working on your customized plan. Within 12 hours, I'll email you your caloric assessment, your personal macronutrient breakdown, your workout split, and the first week's meal plan and grocery list. All the documents come in PDF format, so you can view them online, print them out, or even access them on your smart phone. You'll get a new meal plan and grocery list each week for four weeks, as well as unlimited email access to me. And remember – it's all backed by my no-risk, 60-day guarantee.                   

Just think -- only four weeks from now, you could be well on your way to having a whole new body!


PS – I'm expecting a big response to the 28-Day Muscle Builder Challenge – so be sure to act fast and get your discount. Only the first 100 people will get the complete Challenge for only $39.99 (a savings of $40.00) –so don't delay!

YES, RICHIE! I'm ready to transform my body
and add up to two pounds of muscle per week!


I'll receive:

  • Four weeks of daily meal plans
  • Weekly grocery lists, for speedy, waste-free shopping
  • Customized calorie and macronutrient breakdowns, based on my metabolism and goals
  • A workout split to maximize my training results
  • Recommendations for supplementation and pre- and post-workout nutrition
  • One month of unlimited, FREE email consultation with Richie

And I'm completely covered by Richie's 60-day, no-risk guarantee.

I understand that my meal plans will be emailed to me in PDF format and that I will receive the first one shortly after I complete my initial assessment questionnaire.

And since I'm one of the first 100 responders, I'm eligible for the special half-price
deal. I'll pay just $39.99 for the complete 28-Day Muscle Builder Challenge!




Not a meat eater? Does milk give you a stomach ache? Have you gone gluten-free? We will soon offer vegetarian, lactose-free,
and gluten-free meal plans, as well.

Get in touch, and we'll answer any concerns you have.